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Lets string some Popcorn-share your Christmas preparation traditions
December 3, 2014 Christmas traditions, popcorn, string popcorn

Wednesday afternoon, I strung popcorn with our residents to add to the Christmas tree in our Activity Room. Although this was the first time Ive done this at St. Annes, this yule-time task is definitely not new to me. Our family used to watch slides of old family photos with my grandparents, while hoping not to hit a hard kernel and
christmas-decorating-10 stick ourselves with the Christmas decorating the needle. Ive heard that cranberries can be messy, so this afternoon, well be using red beads to add to the decor in their stead. Maybe were re-instating an old custom. If we do it again, I wont make so much three cups gave me a lot more than we needed so I ended up making caramel corn with the rest of it! I hope our residents enjoy that, too!

Please share your own Advent or Christmas traditions and customs. Wed love to hear them!

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